Energy Geography Research Group

About us

Energy Geography Research Group of the Czech Republic is a research group associating geographers affiliated with the Department of Environmental Geography of the Institute of Geonics, The Czech Academy of Sciences, and with other cooperating academic institutions. Our main focus is to investigate, share and discuss topics related to research and practical problems of the ongoing energy transition towards a more sustainable, low-carbon economy.

As human geographers, we recognize and study the energy transition as a fundamentally geographical process that involves reconfiguring current spatial patterns of economic and social activities, and which has had impacts in all spheres of human society, including on industrial networks, infrastructure, social practices, regulations, symbolic meanings, and landscapes (cf. Bridge et al., 2013, Pasqualetti & Brown, 2014).

We are investigators of many projects that deal with current global environmental challenges, as well as regional, socially relevant issues. We publish in international peer-reviewed journals and popular educational periodicals, and are also authors or co-authors of a number of books and book chapters. We provide lectures on the topics of energy geography, rural geography and academic writing.

We focus on the following research areas

  • Spatial diffusion and social acceptance of energy innovations
  • Land use conflicts and adaptive governance strategies in energy development
  • Agricultural restructuring and the food-energy conflicts
  • Recycling of energy landscapes and brownfields regeneration
  • Environmental injustice and energy poverty issues
  • Energy tourism
  • Improving energy literacy through energy education and experiential learning