Exploring socio-spatial diffusion of renewable energy projects in the Czech Republic: lessons for adaptive governance of energy transition

Funder of the project
Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (project no. 16-04483S)

Funding period
January 2016 - December 2018

Members of the resaerch team
Dan Van der Horst (project coordinator), Bohumil Frantal, Josef Kunc, Standa Martinat, Irena Smolova, Zdenek Szczyrba

Aim of the project
The main project objectives are to develop a new theoretical understanding of the nature and social dynamics of the renewable energy development, to analyse existing social-spatial patterns and regional differences of the development in the Czech republic, to identify and categorize success factors and barriers, which hinder a more effective utilization of the realizable potential of specific renewable energy resources and obstruct the transition to low-carbon society. On the basis of analytical results, the existing concept of "adaptive governance" will be extended and adaptive strategies will be developed that will enable potential developers, stakeholders and communities involved to avoid unnecessary social conflicts during the expected future renewable energy development.